There are three main types of house extensions, and they each vary in complexity and cost. 

A typical single-storey house extension should take around 8-14 weeks to complete, and a double-storey will add a few more weeks to that.

Single Storey House Extension

A Single-storey rear extension is the most popular type of home extension undertaken. Usually built on the side or rear of the existing property, they can increase and open up the existing space and allow a fantastic connection to the garden if you use bi-fold doors in the design.

Roof types can vary from a standard flat roof finish in various materials, including modern rubber sheeting, to a pitched tiles roof that can be matched to the existing roof tile.

OTT Single Storey House Extension


Double Storey House Extension

A Double storey extension adds a second floor to a single storey extension, creating a vast living space with the additional floor. Not only would this be a potentially cheaper alternative to moving home, but it would, in the long term, add value to your existing home. If making a living space, such as adding an extra bedroom or an ensuite bathroom for a growing family, is a priority, then this could be an excellent way of achieving that.

OTT Double Storey House Extension


Wrap Around Extension

A wrap-around extension is a great way to maximise the potential of your home’s ground floor. It involved extending both the side and back of your property.

OTT Wrap Around Extension